RoamControl v2.8.24


This version resolves following issues:

  • An issue with pcap-download feature in the latest versions ( >= v2.8.22) has been fixed. This issue caused wireshark to show an error message like in the following screenshot.
  • An issue with the “DNS Details” button has been resolved. Since version v2.8.23 the button didn’t work properly. Now, the inline DNS request details is available again.

Security Enhancements

In order to increase the data security, the backends of the system has been improved with security tokens and some of them are now only accessible only from a specific set of server IPs. This is to ensure that an attacker cannot access the data from any machine other than the desired servers.

The changes are done on the infrastructure and do not have any major implications for the users. The only issue that might arise from this update is when a signaling query takes long. If the query runs for a long time, the system will automatically invalidate a user’s token to continue running the query. This will result in a 401 - Unauthorized Error when the token validation duration is reached.