RoamControl v2.8.22

DNS Signaling and Statistics

Major improvement in this version is the addition of DNS signaling and statistics feature into our product. This features allows monitoring and troubleshooting of DNS communication between home and foreign networks.

DNS Signaling

The Signaling view allows customers to check for issues and observe the DNS name resolution of all DNS query types.

General DNS Signaling View

The signaling view also allows customers to directly view the answer to the query in the tabular view or set filters based on answer values:

DNS Statistical Summary

Like other protocols, it’s possible to create statistics directly based on filtered signaling data for DNS protocol.

DNS Statistics

This feature also provides customers with statistics based on DNS signaling on the already established country, operator and NE levels. It also provides statistics based on GSMA-Categories. The categories are defined as Data Groups.

Using summary scenarios, it’s possible to get an overview over the general quality of DNS-Name-Resolution on country, operator or network element level.

also, a general summary statistics provides customers with an overview of the scenarios independent of the level-based drilldowns.

DNS Charts

As with the other protocols, DNS charts provide an overview of the network status. For example, using Ranking or Status Map charts, it’s easy to find which networks have the most network causes.

General Enhancements and Bugfixes

Faulty Connections for Diameter now based on realm

As of this version, the diameter Faulty Connection is calculated based on destination realm (operator) and not destination NE.

Parking Faulty Connections and Faulty NEs Now Possible for a Period of Time

When customers are aware of an ongoing issue between their network and a foreign network, it’s now possible to park a faulty connection or a faulty ne for a specified amount of time (or indefinitely). It’s also possible to set a comment informing other system users of the reason behind parking the faulty route.

IoT Weight Management (For Customers With IoT-Feature)

the IoT detection system is fed with a set of weighted values for TACs, IMSI-Ranges, APNs and RATs. These weights can now be set and managed using the provided configuration page. This page allows customers to see a list of all TACs that have been found in the signaling data and manage their weights. It also allows managing the weights for APNs and IMSIs ranges. It’s now also possible to change the settings for multiple items with a simple batch functionality.

Drilldown for User/ Transaction/ Success/ Latency Charts

The drilldown function has been improved to correspond to the needs of our customers:

  • If no country/ operator is selected, the chart shows the ranking of all operators sorted by selected KPI.
  • if a country but no operator is selected, the ranking chart marks the operators of that country with a vertical dotted line with the label selected.
  • if an operator is selected, the drilldown view changes from ranking chart to cause chart for that operator.