RoamControl v2.8.20

Back-Calling Filter added to MAP and CAP Signaling

For MAP and CAP protocols, the back-calling number is added to the

Suspected Signaling / Fraud Detection Improvements

Category 1 and Category 2 improved

  • As of this version, these 2 categories of suspected signaling will be based on operations and incoming or outgoing traffic directions instead of scenarios.
  • it’s now possible to differentiate between own and foreign customers for Category 1 and Category 2 using the filter IMSI Operator.

Other Improved System behaviors

  • The default sorting for SMS Home Routing chart has now been set to critical status instead of passed.
  • Both outgoing and incoming directions of SMS Spam Fake are now listed on the page.

Improved User Experience and Report Generation

  • As a result of changes in our data storage, certain links that were intended to provide customers with quick access to various statistics and pages within the system were experiencing functionality issues. The new Version has successfully addressed some of these issues.
  • There was an issue in the system resulting in timeouts and unpredictable behavior in the process of report generation. This Version also contains bugfixes for those issues.