RoamControl v2.8.17

Version Update Notification

From this version onwards, users will get a notification about the changes in the system. After every update, the “What’s New” Dialog will popup and show the list of version updates and their respective changes to the system. Users can choose to opt-out of this feature by selecting Don't show me the updates again! option on the bottom left corner of the popup. The version update notification is always available by clicking on the version number on the status bar.

Please note that for the version update notification to work, it’s necessary that the client browser can access internet. Otherwise, it’s not possible to access the version history list.

Enhanced xDR-Data CSV Export

A major enhancement is coming to the way CSV exports are created in the system. From now on, wherever the new tabular view is available, it’s possible to get a WYSIWYG output from it. The output will only contain the columns that are visible and the values are formatted in the same way as they are shown in the tabular view.

Please note that the conversion speed is dependent on the number of entries in the table. Nevertheless, the status of the conversion is shown as a progress-bar inside the “download” button if the conversion takes too long.

Bugfix and Enhanced PDF-Export

This version also brings bug fixes and improvements to the PDF-Export. The introduction of new full-width themes in version v2.8.16 created an unexpected issue with some pdf exports, which has now been resolved. also, the export of charts on the page has now be improved.

Also, the new tabular pages will now have a better output on the PDF exports. From now on, all the entries on the selected table page will be exported to the PDF and not just the visible range.