RoamControl v2.8.16

GTP Geolocation -> Clustered Statistics -> Freeze Aggregation

Freeze Aggregation allows users to stop the clustering’s drill-down or drill-up effect and see the current clusters in different zoom levels.

GTP Geolocation -> Clustered Statistics -> Show All Cells

Show All Cells allows all the points to become visible. Please note that maximum 5000 points can be shown on the map. if there are more points available, this option is automatically disabled.

GTP Geolocation -> Clustered Statistics in Statistical Summary Output

Clustered Statistics is no longer available in combination with Statistical Summary output.

GTP CLI-Location On World Map

The location of each transaction is now visible on the world map – as long as the position is known.

Geo Location Heatmap

In addition to previously available modes – Clustered and Aggregated – it’s now possible to see the location of transactions in a heatmap, with the highly frequented locations shown in a brighter color. Please note that the heatmap in statistical summary mode is still in testing phase and might not fully function.

Scenario Overview in Protocol Dashboards

The dashboards now provide an overview of the scenario status for the top customers.

Themes now use the full width of the browser window

Up until now we tried to set the width of the UI to the fix value of the most common monitors, which was around 1400px. As of this version, this limitation is now removed and the UI uses the full width of the browser, whereby the minimum width required stands at 1400px.

Also, we have added a new “flat” theme in which most of the buttons have been replaced by fonts, to reduce the load time and improve the look and feel of the UI

Date-Time-Picker Behavior Improved

From now on, the Date-Time-Picker will not react to keyboard key-up events, but rather wait for the input boxes to change and then will sync and update the values.

Status Overview on Monitoring Pages

Monitoring pages now have a small chart showing the overall status of all the entries shown in the tabular view.

Other Bugfixes and Feature Improvements

A few bugs and issues in the system have been resolved:

  • Issues with custom report names and report times have been resolved.